Kimberly Oderkirk, the Executive Vice President of FCICA from 1999 – 2020 has put to words and pictures the history of FCICA in this Special Edition of the Flooring Contractor magazine.

Starting with the announcement of the formation of FCICA, the original newsletter dated January 1983 and concluding with Convention 2020 activity in Nashville, the publication is a collection of pictures, captions and articles that tell the story of FCICA’s accomplishments, spearheaded by Oderkirk from 1999 – 2020.

The publication includes articles from Past Chairmen, Fred Acton, Bill Becker, Christopher Capobianco and Gerry Swift, CIM along with an article from FCICA’s first CIM, Amy Johnston, CIM. Pictures are accompanied by captions along with quotes on special remembrances and accomplishments by Kim and her team.

Sponsors of this edition include: Association Services, Commercial USA, Federated Insurance, FL Crane & Sons, Floors By Becker, GCP Applied Technologies, Greater New York Floor Coverers Association, INSTALL, International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI), Metropolitan Ceramics, Metropolitan/Evoke, Paul & Marty Murdoch, Spartan Surfaces, Dave Stafford, Uzin Utz North America. The publication was produced by JG Media Group.

“One of the big draws for Joy & I has been two things:
1. The well-planned conventions (Kim & staff are amazing!)
2. The CIM program
Thank you for the good selection of venues, networking with professional peers and detailed logistics taken care of.”

Jim Macdonald - CIM

Commercial Flooring Professionals

“In my 20 plus years in the hospitality industry, Kim is one of the, if not the most prepared event manager I have ever worked with. She understands the ins and outs of the conference industry. There is no way to express the value that her experience brings to FCICA. I wish all my clients had the knowledge that Kim has.”

Jeff Bashaw

Owner – TRS Hospitality

“The 3 Days to CIM program is impactful and time very well spent. Taking the time to self grow is important and this set up allowed time for me to get the full process in one weekend. The FCICA Team made the experience unbelievable. If you are considering the program, I say do it. It will be a great self-investment.”


“Kim and her staff once again brought us a wonderful convention. I know our committees put in time and effort as well but if we didn’t have Kim and her staff coaching and pushing us, we’d be in trouble. Keep up the good work Kim!!”


“First time member and first-time exhibitor- my booth was in a perfect spot and I really got a lot of action. I had The RGM video running and it was a hit. Thanks for the great placement and a great turnout.”

Brad Martin

Performance Warehouse Solutions

“I would like to voice my opinions on how the FCICA Team managed the FCICA 2020 Annual Convention held in Nashville, TN. Coming in on the backdrop of a horrifying tornado and on the doorsteps of what is now being recognized as global pandemic, the team was both responsive to the area and preventive to those coming to the event. Being prepared and aware are factors I always look at and both boxes were checked. 

The team was attentive to the needs of myself and my colleagues. The Sheraton had one of the finest groups of people working their facility. As a distributor, we wish for the best and prepare for the worst. This team, along with the team from SZ15, took the worries away and the best is what we had during the trade show.”

Corey Dickerson - CIM

Wolff Technical Sales

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you and your staff for an excellent convention! Each time I go I think how can these get any better…and each time you and your staff reset the bar a bit higher. 

The education was excellent, ending the program with Steve Hills was a nice way to close out the sessions. 

I personally look forward to anything about generational learning! 

The outing at FGL hit the spot – good food, an excellent band and great people to enjoy the night with! I look forward to seeing everyone at Mid-Year!”

Ben Copeland, CIM

Beckers, Inc

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kim since February 2018, when the Floor Covering Leadership Group (FCLC) engaged the Blackstone Group Inc. (Blackstone) to undertake an assessment of the current and future state of the floor covering industry labor force. 

Kim’s more than two decades of service to the flooring industry gave her the knowledge of associations whose memberships best represented the industry and the credibility to persuade those associations to share. Kim’s leadership talents, her executional proficiency, and her integrity make her indispensable to the floor covering industry. And therefore, having closely observed and relied upon these exceptional qualities in the course of our collaboration, I encourage the FCICA Board of Directors to recognize and reward Kim’s professionalism and service.”

Kathi Rose

Executive Vice President – The Blackstone Group, Inc.

“Kim is astute to the needs of FCICA and has a driven passion for the organization’s success. She is well-versed in all the moving parts and the success of the organization is always the forefront. She has always accommodated all the members with structure needed for great events and along with the leadership, the membership has progressively grown since I have become a part of it.

Kim also takes a lead roll in the CIM program and makes sure the steering committee stays on task and all segments are covered in our meetings. Our meetings are well run, and she really understands the structure of how it should flow and keeps us on task.

Kim’s staff is also a great help to accomplishing the needed tasks. At 3 Days to CIM, Kim’s assistant, Kim, was well-versed and prepared to handle any and all technical issues for the attendees and really made the program run smoothly. Everything was set up and ready to go and a lot of work goes into just this portion of the event.

Finally, my roll as a presenter or article writer has been enhanced by the staff’s ability to extract the information needed from me. They always “dress up” whatever I write or want to present to make it the best possible and still keep my content. Fine editing skills to say the least and they are a great team to work with.

I give Kim and her staff a lot of credit for how the presentations come together, the events go without a hitch and outside programs, such as the 3 Days to CIM, receive such positive reviews.”

Wilmer Pressel - CIM

Inside Edge Commercial Interior Services, LLC

“First and foremost and would like to thank you for your business and picking our Hotel to be a host for your Conference. Another successful conference! Thanks, in a huge part, to you!

I truly appreciate your help from the very beginning – keeping me on track, meeting deadlines, guiding me through the program since I really had to step in on such a short notice. Your detailed work ethic and organization was so awesome and in my job I don’t see that every day. Also, once on the site, you and your team did an amazing job with all of the on-site work you do – registration, food, a/v, rooms and all the details of the Conference.

I have been doing this for many years and I truly appreciate someone that is as organized and detailed in their job as you are.”

Marina Jelic-Briggs

Senior Conference Services Manager – Sheraton Music City Hotel

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